Drugs F**k up your life

October 9, 2007
By Patrick Freeman, Bonny Doon, CA

Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone,
As if I am here with no one to guide me.
And it seems to me that I‘ve never been shown,
A way out of here, a way to be free.

Then you arrived, with your sugar-brown beauty,
And a soul as warm, and sweet as it, too.
You showed me a way out of that which was empty,
A way that was simply my love of you.

With you it seemed I was found in the forest
As if you and I needed only the trees
It was the time in my life, when I felt the purest,
All was perfect, but how wrong I could be

When you were away, I was adrift in the woods,
Alone with the forest, now my enemy.
In the dark night, I swear they would,
Do all they could, to kill me.

The way you had shown me became a life of looming sorrow
For if you left me today, I should fade away tomorrow.
I found a new companion, not human, but another
This one was white sugar, but not of my mother

Downtown I wasted so many days,
Forgetting your beauty and your warming gaze.
Then it was done, it was all over.
I had given you up for some white powder.

Now it is not sometimes that I feel alone;
I am always alone, and can never be shown
A new path to happiness, a new way to bliss
For I shall never again know your sweet, brown-sugar kiss.
I will come here and sit, in this place and drown
A place that is known as Under the Bridge, downtown.

Don’t do crack.

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