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April 16, 2010
What do you do when you feel something you've never felt before; or when you know there's no turning back. What do you do when you know that no matter how you truly feel or what you truly think there is nothing that can stop you from doing what you wanna do or being with who you wanna be. You know your truly all in when your changing without giving it a second thought. There are many things in this world that will change throughout a lifetime, but one thing that I know can never change is how I feel for you at this moment in time. No matter what happens always know that I love you and I can't let you go. Once you start to feel for another person they will always become a part of you and even though you don't know it; there will always be a piece of you stuck with them. Never regret being with someone who hurt you, because at that time and at that moment you did exactly what you wanted and thinking back would you really change it. Everyone has had hurt in their past and along with the hurt there has also been happiness. If your like me then you love walking in the rain, because no one can ever tell your crying, and most of the time you feel like your close to the edge and about to fall over. I've laughed and cried, won and lost, gained everything I ever wanted just to lose it all. I've made mistakes and yea I wish I could take some back; but why if you take back your mistakes cause then you would've never learned anything that life has to teach; and you probably wouldn't be where your at today. But seeing the scars everyday and knowing that they'll be there for the rest of my life hurts worse than the deepest cut and that's something I'll have to live with. So what do you do when you know your whole world is changing and you don't know how to change with it...

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