April 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Damn your drink,
infernal poison
that permiates your life.
Damn the drug,
that's what it is,
that made you lose your mind.
Damn you for ever taking it
and us for granted.
Go,get gone, you're not wanted.
Am I too harsh?
Ask my silent tears
and wasted years
spent on you, for nothing.
Damn you, you stopped trying,
you looked at me,
and turned back around
to throw something down.
So damn you
and your weaknesses,
they ruined my life,
made me a rock,
never by choice.
Yes now I am strong,
but also am bruised,
So still I say,
Damn you.

The author's comments:
Alcoholic father. Enough said? Don't be to depressed by it, what dosen't kill you makes you stronger right? I would like it to be a kind of warning to anyone who is drinking or doing drugs, or thinking about it, I dont know if people always realize how many people it affects. Anyways, read, enjoy, and leave comments!

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