Begin To Shed

October 8, 2007
By Carli Jones, Cuba City, WI

Did you ever stop to look?
To think with you’re mind,
That the girl standing there,
Might be broken inside.

To you she may look fine,
That everything in her life is okay,
And you go,
And quickly turn away.

But the truth about that girl,
Is that she feels lost inside,
And nothing in her life,
Is really going fine.

She has scars and scabs,
Embedded upon her wrists,
Because each night she cuts,
And with each one she bleeds.

To her it’s the only way,
To ease her pain,
To let it all flow,
Like a waterfall of rain.

As she does this,
She does not feel the cuts she placed on her delicate skin,
She still feels the pain inside,
It’s more than paper-thin.

So she cuts deeper,
Bleeding more and more,
Until finally,
The blade hits the floor.

She lies inside herself,
On the beautiful bed,
As her blood continues to flow,
And her tears begin to shed.

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