Dysfunctional Romeo and Juliet

October 8, 2007
By Alexander kidder, Mansura, LA

We are the
Dysfunctional Romeo and Juliet
My heart hasn't been free
Since the day we met
Oh, how I love her so much
In ways it I can't describe
She is my metal crutch
And it's always her I confide
She knows my fears
Also my pain
My heart she smears
Makes me feel so lame
I see her and I smile
But on the inside I frown
I wonder all the while
Will she ever be mine now?
She's said she loves me
And love her do I
Always with others is she
And I scream WHY!
I want her
Ever so bad
Like we once were
Her alone, drives me mad
I need her as mine
With our love like it was
Soon our hearts will entwine
And I know this because
We're the dysfunctional
Romeo and Juliet

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