October 7, 2007
What's the reason you like her,
When you know she's not for you.
Can't you see she's faking it
Bout loving you too?

Don't you know who loves you most
In a truly loving way.
I would tell it to your face,
But its to much words can say.

Can't you see this isn't
Just a middle school crush.
Have you think that it is,
Turns my heart to slush.

I've liked you since
The day we met,
My heart skipped a beat,
Thinking our love was set.

Have you been acting all this time
Or did you really not know,
That this girl has been in love with you
Since the day her last name was Lo.

You've turned my life up-side-down
I think of you whenever.
Now you realize you like me too
And that its been there forever.

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