Three Flights of Time

October 7, 2007
By Hannah Hicks, Seminole, TX

The world is just spinning,

everything is changing,
peoples thoughts are so degrading,
while my wrists are just healing,

my scabs keep on peeling,
or maybe it's me who's tearing?

Cutting is so revealing,
but my thoughts are only my own.

Take a number.

There were moments stopped,

streets left uncrossed,
people who thought I had dropped,

while my mind was voided,

my heart kept avoided,
or maybe it's you who sanctified?

Death is so overrated,
but my thoughts were never alone.

Get in line.

This time will go forever,
instinct will keep it together,

people can stand altogether,

while my life will matter,

my words never shatter,

or maybe it's no one ever?

Emotions are so over,
but my thoughts will be always a drone.

Step aside.

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