October 7, 2007
like a bird in a cage i sing myself to sleep.
In my outspoken rage i still cannot make
it out of my problems that pile so steep.
If my wings were'nt clipped maybe i could
fly. Maybe if i had'nt slipped you would
have never cried. I sleep with one eye
open and one eye close. Maybe if
my wings were'nt broke i could escape
from all that i opposed.

As i sing myself to sleep i fell the words
creep slowly off my lips. I grip my cages
bars hoping that nobody can see these scars.
I dont even look at my bed, i just sit up on
my purch wishing that i was free unstead of
being broken. I leave the rest of my song unspoken.

The emtpy space between me and the door
makes me dream of the places i went to before.
They look at me with such pride while i look away.
It's my feelings im trying to hide even though I've
got so much to say. I'm searching for a key, something
to set me free. I'm calling out to all, anybody who is
willling to catch me when i fall. The lyrics i will shout,
the words i shall say. I can't wait to get out i can't
wait to fly away.

13 years old

Flowery Branch, GA

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