The Definition Of Hip-Hop

October 6, 2007
I ask my cousin: what is Hip Hop?
He stupidly replies: synthetic beats, cussing, gangs and naked women!
No!, I say: Hip-Hop is creative expression through the art of spoken poetry ("cussing") and Music ("synthetic beats").
The poetry and the music can play and fight and make love to each other through the course of one track, song, or freestyle. Hip-Hop commonly deals with issues such as love ("naked women") and urban life ("gangs").
He says: then how come all the Hip-Hop I here is criminals screaming about how they are on drugs.
I think for a second, then reply: Don't look for real Hip-Hop on the radio o television, go buy an illegal mixtape or a bootleg underground copy of an old school Salt 'n' Pepa' concert. Have the guts to go against the grain and discover real music. I did it. It's worth it.

This is an ongoing debate between and my cousin. No matter how long he persuades me that Hip-Hop is criminal's way of singing, I know I will always be right!

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