The father beats him

October 5, 2007
By Matthew Marquez, Cairo, NY

The father beats him ,the mother mistreats him.
Does this child have any reason to keep breathin.
The streets so cold and the world so dark,
lost on his own no place to call home.

The world is now his to roam.
Findin the reason to keep himself breathin
no one knows the problems this child been keepin,
locked up hidden inside the childs body.

The child keeps breathin the heart keeps beatin
he feels his life should be locked up for treason
he ends his life with one drop, his chest stop beatin
he stops breathin.

His body now released from the hell that he was livin
self drivin without any reason to keep movin
Did that child have any reason to keep breathin
or have his heart keep beatin.

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