April 19, 2010
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Life: what is the true meaning of life???

it's not really something u's more of something u find. the answer won't just come to u though.....u have to look deep within ur soul to find it.
in my opinion...the meaning of life is to fulfill it. live life to it's fullest. don't hold back. live ur dreams. most people just sit around on the couch thinking "what am i doing here??? it's not like i'm gonna make it anywhere in life" and that's mistake number one. how do u know if u'll make it or not??? ur the one sitting on the couch watching a marathon of friends. i'd suggest getting of ur booty and find what truly makes u happy. for me, i've found music. music is the heart and soul of everything i do. and someday....i hope to follow through with my dream of being a professional musician. now i know it may not happen....but why not try right??? i'd rather know that i TRIED and failed rather than knowing i didn't try at all.
in life.....ur suppose to make the most of it. and u can't just do it by not doing anything. things won't just come ur way. u have to experience things to find out what ur true niche is.

remember, this is just my meaning of life. it's prolly completely different than urs. although, it very well may be exactly the same. if u have any further questions....feel free to comment.

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