You know

Don' tell me tht yu love me if yu dnt really mean it.Dont tell me tht yullk be with me for ever if yu knw yur just going to leave me the next day. Don't look me in the eyes if all yu r going to do it lie when yu see me in the hall dont look at me because all i see when i look at yu is eyes full of hatred. When i see yu with her my heart brakes a little more. I feel like pieces of me are brakeing away with every blink of an eye. But still i keep all the apin locked up deep deep inside. I keep telling my self tht i dnt need yu and tht yu are worthless and tht all yu are going to bring me is hurt,pain, and tears. But i just cant seem to get my self to belive any of it. I stilll love yu and i hope i always will.

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