Is it Real?

April 20, 2010
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The perfect moment,
everything is right,
but is it real?

Ideal setting,
everything is as planned,
but is it real?

Something only drempt of,
everything you've wished for,
but is it real?

The feeling is priceless,
everything is unforgetable,
but is it real?

As it ends,
you regain reality,
realize it happened,
but can't grasp the thought;
"Was it real?"

Unsure of what is up,
Unkown of what is down.
Right is left,
Left is Right.

Hoping it 'twas a dream,
so you can revisit it yet again.

Only you know of it,
your own secret.

Scared to share,
for not wanting to know truth,
for was it real?

The agonizing question,
torturing you.
Keeping you awake at night,
"Was it real?"

Beating at you conscience,
wearing you away,
tearing at your heart,
"Was it real?"

You crawl away,
hoping to escape,
but it follows,
"Was it real?"

You wish it was
but a dream would've been better.

It rips at your soul,
'til nothing is left,
just dust and ash.

You finally accept it,
the reality of it all.

For it WAS real, and now you are cursed.
Screwed in life.
You can't turn it back.
You can't reverse time.
You can't run away.
You can't leave it.

It stays with you,
for all of eternity.

Now you wished it hadn't happened,
that it all was a dream
It was real.

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