October 4, 2007
is there time?
is there time to write a song
is there time to get along
is there time to swing into the sun
you stand there
watching as we run
watching as we try to do the things that we don't love
but time is at haste,
you tell me time is a race
that if I do good things, time will erase
you told me there was no time
to tell grandmother that you loved her,
all you did was yell, all she did was cry,
and then that grey stormy day she died.
you told me time is wise
to not be a bad child, to not waste life.
I sit outside and count the stars in the sky.
I watch the birds as they fly.
I feel the rain on my skin.
I write about everything
and I watch as you chime.
Grandfather, you stood there
as I caught butterflies in my hair
Oh grandpa, you told me the truth
time is just like youth
It gets older so grasp it tight
and watch as the darkness turns to light.
Don't scream and don't ever cry
Just spread your arms and fly.
Grandfather oh dear grandfather clock,
thank you for the tock.

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