Cruel Freedom

October 3, 2007
Why do you leave her alone in the rain,
and watch her drown in her pain?
Isn't it enough that she has a broken spirit?
Why do you try to keep her from healing it?
She must have done something incredibly bad,
for you to sit back and watch, so angry you've gone mad.
You know what's going to happen because she lets you see.
She wants your help, but you dont move to change how it's going to be.
With tears streaming down her face,she only asks why.
But you wont answer;you'll just sit there and watch her die.
You turn away without so much as a tear on your face;
after all, killing her may have put her in a better place.
Now she'll no longer be in any pain or sorrow,
and you no longer have any power over her soul.
To be free, she's already paid the ultimate toll.
Still you go on living and not looking back,
not even to try and fix the kind of love you must lack.

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