The Listener

October 3, 2007
She steps off the bus and joins her friends, outside the school
“I saw the cutest cat yesterday,” said one
“My brother is so annoying,” says another
“I’m so hungry,” the next starts
She sighs; it’s just like yesterday—
They only want her to listen
They don’t care about the fact that her grandmother just died
Or that she’s failing math
Or that she just finished reading a great book
“I hate you, and I never want to see you again,”
She says, but of course she doesn’t mean it
She’s only checking to see if they listen
And of course they only smile, nod and say:
“Oh, that’s cool,” then go on about whatever pops into their heads
She wants to scream
They don’t even notice the expression on her face
They’ve all told her that she doesn’t talk much
They don’t realize she only speaks when she has something to say
When she looks at them, she sees them nearly yelling at each other
Trying desperately to get through
None listening, none heard
They were like her, isolated
And this made her think:
“We’re all sad because no one listens, but just because it hurts
Doesn't mean I have to take them down with me."
Actions speak louder than words
Ears speak louder than mouths
It was time to listen
“So,” she began, “Why are you so hungry?”

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