The air swirled around me

October 3, 2007
The air swirled around me
In the early hours of a Sunday morning.
I sat underneath an old willow tree in the park
Just a few feet away from the edge of a pond.
The sun was shining with such purity and innocence
That my thoughts were put on hold as I admired it’s beauty.
Beneath the willow tree I sat,
And a few feet away was the best friend I’ve ever had,
Underneath a similar tree, enveloped in thought.
He and I had known each other since birth.
Through thick and thin, he was there with me,
Though inseparable we seemed, he sometimes went
And many lonely moments I spent longing for him to return.
We are alike in so many ways, we could be twins.
The same warmth fills our faces when we look into the sky.
The same sadness fills our hearts when one another feels pain.
Through and through we’ve stuck together,
And many years we will spend, too.
I knew this was to be true as I sat there
In the early hours of a Sunday morning,
Peering into the water at the reflection of the best friend
I’ve ever had.

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