Life is Never Perfect

October 3, 2007
By Lydia Longmore, Castle Dale, UT

She looks out the window
At the world she longs to be a part of
But can’t because the world
Won’t accept her and her ways.
She has a few friends here and there
But not real true friends
That can make her happy
When she is feeling her worst.
She has scars all up and down her arm
From where she tried to turn
Her emotional pain into physical pain.
She walks her days through school
Wishing she really wasn’t there,
Then she goes home and still
Has to deal with the pain of
Her mother and father not paying attention.
She sits up in her room
And cries all night while the
World continues to move.
She sits and yells at herself
For not being what everyone else is
Or what everyone wants her to be.
She just wishes that someone somewhere
Would actually care for her
Or show that they care.
She can’t get a boyfriend,
She’s not pretty enough.
She can’t have the love of her family,
She isn’t perfect enough.
She can’t have the friendship of her friends,
She’s not out going enough.
She isn’t anything anyone wants
So she sits up in her room
And cries wishing she would
Just DIE!

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