The Poisen Tree in the Garden of Love (Moon Struck and Captivated)

April 17, 2010
By Mia_Stinetuck PLATINUM, Covina, California
Mia_Stinetuck PLATINUM, Covina, California
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All those dusks and dawns we spent
Crashed out on couches, space filled with talk
Those bottles had us down to our last cent
Helping us tell, all that we thought

Nirvana couldn’t be more inviting
Than the setting moon’s light
Falling in, to bathe us pale on the floor

I was only chasing freedom,
In your shadow
Cause I couldn’t look for it,
In your embrace

But Even still,
I couldn’t quite stomach
That face in my mirror’s frame
Lit by more than just a candle
And guilt, stronger than a flame

The Dawn’s coming on
And that space,
Where I felt you almost leaning into me -again
Is fading with each strand of blue, again
Strikes, erasing those tricks
Played on me by the Moon,
And the image,
Of your shadow
Sitting 'crossed from mine
Against my wall
Haunts like a fever
That no river can quench

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