Never Coming Back

April 16, 2010
By , Riverdale, GA
What is wrong mommy, what is wrong?

Why is daddy holding those bags?

Your sniffling, mommy. Why?

Your nose is very red.

Your face is wet mommy. Who made you this sad?

Why is daddy leaving, looking so angry, so mad?

Why is daddy shouting mommy? Why is he screaming my name?

What has happened to daddy? He doesn't act the same.

He hasn't picked me up from school or even made my lunch.

Did I do something wrong mommy?

I don't see what I've done.

I'm very, very sorry mommy for being a bad girl.

Will that bring daddy back mommy?

I'll apologize some more.

I haven't seen him in the house.

So where did he go?

I asked our neighbor but she just keeps slamming shut her door.

She told me to tell you sorry mommy for being so very mean.

I just don't understand.

Where is he mommy?

I really need to know.

Its been six months now mommy.

But you still wont let him go.

Daddy isn't here anymore.

He isn't coming back.

I still hear you crying though.

Through the bathroom door crack.

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Beck24 said...
May 18, 2010 at 9:33 pm
This poem is so sad...yet I love it! It really plays the whole story in your head to the point where I can actually " see" whats hapening and what she is going through. Very well written!
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