Fallen Angel

April 13, 2010
All the harsh cold memories
the undeniable pain
I wished for someone to save me
and take it all away

Falling so hard, so long
somehow landing slow and soft
I was a rock thrown away
and then a feather that wasn't forgot

I had landed into his arms
so fragile, so hurt, so scared
he set me back on my feet
and brushed me off with care

My wings had been broken
still tender to the touch
but falling into the arms of perfection
was absolute pure luck

Mending all my wounds
showing me the meaning of life
he found the denied pain in me
stitching my soul, struck by a knife

His beauty and his compassion
had me mesmorized in a thoughtless trance
Love me forever and always he whispered
giving me life, a second chance

Fate has brought us together
now to be never torn apart
althought I was confused and injured
I know I loved him from the start

He has given me everything
making me real again
one thing I will never want to change
is that I ever had fallen

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illosionist said...
Jun. 16, 2012 at 6:59 pm
So what changed.... i never let go of you... 
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