Young love for Brandon

October 2, 2007
When our lips meet
I can feel my heart beat
Right out of my chest
Gasping for that last breath
I can’t feel nothing
Because you make me feel like a woman
I almost faint in your arms
You make me feel safe
I need you to survive
Baby you keep me alive
With just one touch
I come alive
And leave all my worries and troubles behind
Because I know I can be myself
No fronts or any stunts
Just plain old me
We become one
When our fingers intertwine
I feel your heart whisper a secret to mine
People say that we’re too young to be in love
But we know better
They can’t tell us nothing
We grown so they can love it or shove it
Because we gone look above it
And when you staring in my eyes I know that you sincere
You told me we could love in spite of the things that they say
I said I wouldn’t want anyone if all you wanted was me
I knew right then you were the only one you’re all that need
Someday I even wanna carry your seed
I hope we last forever
I hope this bird don’t lose its feathers
We gotta stay tight
I just love the way you be crushing
Boy you keep me blushing
I’m happy to be your girl
And I like the way you keep me in your world
And you know I be rocking that promise ring
Every chance I get I be showing people the bling
I know soon everybody gotta die
But I don’t want you to
Because baby we gotta strive
‘Cuz I know you destined for greatness
The way you be killing on the court
And when you tell me you won for me
It makes my heart flutter
I began to melt like butta
I wanna be yours forever
Through all the bad weather
‘Cuz baby we got that young love
Can’t no other girl steal your heart cuz I got it
And I love the way you keep my picture in your wallet
Claiming me
All the while setting me free
I love the way you love me
I love the way you touch me
I don’t put any body before you
Each day I’m exploring you
Learning new things
Making you my king
I love you
Cuz I know you true
Just like Chris brown say
Baby you a winner
Imma keep you on my team
Cuz we got that young love

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