Keeping Still

October 2, 2007
Keeping quite
Moving places
Head spinning
Meth taking
Suburban girl
Turned out by this crazy world
Different boy each night
Help the struggle not the fight
Nock the hustle
Keep going
Staying still without knowing
Mean while she’s dying
Don’t want it to show
But yea she’s crying
A runaway long gone
People see her and say “Same ‘ol song”
Posters with her face on them
Stay clear of the cops
Might take her back
To that forgotten home
Where her parents seem like lost souls
Daddy’s a drunk
Momma gets in and out of trucks
So you can say she got it honest
Can’t see
But she not blind
It’s all stuck in her mind
But she got to keep going
Because she keeping still without knowing
Sores on her neck
Slits on her wrists
Nails black
Sleeping in alleys
With the feens
When rehab is what she really needs
Can’t tell her nothing
Because in her head she’s a woman
But she not
She only 15
With the name Cathleen
Can’t stay clean she thinks
She needs it to be free
Once it’s in her veins
She can fly
She reaches for the sky
And spins in circles
Stay on the move
No place is safe
Soon she’s distant to the world
No longer daddy’s little girl
She belongs to someone else
It’s the only thing that seems to help her
It’s the needle
Then she nods off
Raged clothes
No walls no doors
Nothing’s really left of her
Just the soul she claims to have and the clothes on her back
This is her story
The tale of a girl who has no worries

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