April 8, 2010
By Mz.Ivory BRONZE, Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan
Mz.Ivory BRONZE, Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan
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Every single day luk upon
the mirror, seen in thee
face is only disgust and
disappears. Frum eyebrows
to cheeks, nose and chin,
the only thng seen is ugly
hurt and pain. Scares
appear across my eyes,
while bruises on my
left and rite cheek. Luk
n2 my eyes u cn count
all of the tears build up
inside of me. From bein
pierced in my heart to
bein drilled deep in my bak.
Bein pushed bak in forth bt
nevea n da rite path. Pretty,
cute, beautiful I rest 2 say.
Mind, body, soul already
made up, could nevea b
beautiful wit an esteem so
low n drained. Disguised
myself as sumthng im not,
knwin dat wen I luk n da
mirror dat person wil b lng
gne. Thee face I feel is a
otal disgrace, not digging
LOVE anymore jus apart
of me dat has ben completely
erased. Apart of me dat
noone can give bak 2 me
expect me. As I go on cnt
seem 2 find the pieces dat
help put me back in place.
Each nite I jus lay n thnk of
ways dat help me feel

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