of Descendent, to Rational

September 30, 2007
Cascading through my heart
A whirling mass of hate
Dividing into part
Hell and Heaven’s gate
Disturbed not by the world
Caged in by fury cries
Often tossed and hurled
And shown not through my eyes
Silhouetted beams of light
Cracked through mirror’s gaze
Deceived by mournful night
No hand on torch ablaze
But what shall stand opposed
To break my iron chains
A single blossomed rose
A love I cannot feign
Beauty and forgiving
Wise beyond our years
With light I now am brimming
It hides within my tears
She knows not of my heart
She holds within her hand
Is it for me to start
To make a final stand
I step now from my hate
Though my mind is wary
I know it is my fate
My heart it will not tarry

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