The Giant

April 9, 2010
The wondrous giant
Moved with a slow gait.
As soon as I saw him,
I just couldn’t wait.

The evening was started,
The night threatening doom,
The world growing darker
Like covering a loom.

The darkness foreshadows
And now I foresee,
Through the woods comes a cackle,
It’s frightening me.

The giant keeps moving,
With me following close,
For a boom in the forest
Sounds like something arose.

From some hundred year slumber,
Or maybe a meal,
But whatever it was,
I know how I feel.

I feel like running
A thousand miles away,
Now something is coming,
I simply can’t stay.

While this walk has been nice,
I tell you, most true,
I’m now leaving quickly,
I’ve just lost my shoe.

I really can’t stop
To retrieve my lost sandal.
I’m afraid that is something
I just couldn’t handle.

I’ll just buy a new pair,
No really, its nothing.
My lungs are on fire,
I’m huffing and puffing.

I’ve almost reached home,
I see the lights now,
But just as I reach it
I hit the big plow!

I pick myself up
Off the dark, soggy ground,
Right as my mother shouts,
“She’s here! She’s been found!”

She gives me a blanket
As I go off to bed,
Only stifling her laugh
As I lay down my head.

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