You're Not Far Away

May 22, 2008
Everywhere I go I know you’re there.
I’ve been told that over and over. Like a constant hum…
You hear every time you attend God’s house.
God loves you more than you can ever understand.

God do you? I know you say you do… But how can it be?
That you love me with a love that never stops.
I’m so small in this world, in this universe that keeps
You still care that much for me!
For a ghastly sinner that has made so many mistakes.

It is eternal.
So beautiful that these fleshly vessels that our God needing souls dwell in,
Can’t even understand how bright it shines. You are what made this world…
And keeps it

Everywhere I go you’re near. You’re not far away. My flesh wants
To stop and question.
But somewhere deep inside I know… that all that I’ve heard,
Or that I’ve read in your holy book is true.

When I was running or struggling with something that seemed
too breathe taking, and awful for anyone to control.
You were there. Wanting so badly…
Yearning to take it all away. But you waited for me.

When I cried you were crying just the same.
You wait for us to let you in to help,
to heal, and to fulfill our desire for you… our Lord.
Your love is so pure we can’t even understand its true beauty.
Beautiful seems too small of a word to even use to describe you.

You’re here with me. Your everlasting love…
That is here always

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