no reason

May 22, 2008
By james mcintire, Akron, OH

No Reason to kill, no reason to understand,
How many more will die by eachother's hand,
The mood of the situation is solemn,
There was no real reason to go to Vietnam,
Cant they see the mess where in,
There was no way we could win.

No Reason to leave my family to fight,
The chances of victory where far from sight,
Why must I go out and die,
In my dreams I hear my family cry,
One by one the bodies they pile,
While the ones that start the mess just smile.

No Reason to change my life forever,
I dont know how much I can endeavour,
Slowly, slowly pushing like a knife,
All that I see and hear has changed my life,
I dont know how much more I can take,
Somebody stop this war for all our sake.

No Reason to face the day,
Have they forgotten that im still M.I.A,
What about me I served us well,
Why leave me here in this living hell,
I have sat here for years remaining calm,
I am a reminder that there was no reason for Nam.

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