Unrealistic changes

May 21, 2008
By Kaila Antonini, Wyoming, MI

Four years of high school has gone by so fast
Oh the memories just last and last…
The football games, the break-ups, the friends lost yet also gained, freshmen fights at lunch, crazy substitute teachers, classes you hated but loved due to the people in them, the memories, and the laughs.
No texting in class, you can’t wear those jeans, only seniors out to lunch, don’t skip out on class or you’ll have lots of buy backs, be nice to the freshmen, school isn’t where you sleep, cut out the PDA or Mr. Kennedy will step in.
Crazy cuts and colors of your hair, how many wristbands can one kid wear, safety pins aren’t a fashion accessory, hormones flying like crazy, sick of homework because seriously, who even does it?
Leaving it all behind makes you want to cry. They say that high school’s the best years of your life so live it to the fullest because you’ll never be able to gain them back.

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