Candy Heart

May 21, 2008
A candy heart lies on the floor,
It is broken in two.
One half is for me,
The other for you.
But you have stolen both peices,
And crushed them to bits.
I guess you should wear the shoe of a heartbreaker,
If it fits.
You took both peices,
And ripped them apart.
You went and desetroyed,
That poor candy heart.
You walked away one day,
Without a sound,
And in your place,
A broken candy heart I found.
I tried to repair it,
But no matter how hard I treid,
It was still broken,
So, I cried.
That candy heart once stood,
For you and me,
I remember giving it to you,
And now the past I see.
There once were two words,
Displayed on this candy heart,
Spelled with tiny, little letters,
That you ripped apart.
They once said "true love"
Something that stood for you and I,
But now they spell dissapointment,
And are smeared from the tears I cried.
When you destroyed,
This candy heart,
You also ripped,
Mine apart

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