Golden Deception

May 21, 2008
By SapphireCat GOLD, Winchester, Kentucky
SapphireCat GOLD, Winchester, Kentucky
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Golden smile
frozen in perfection
scratch the cold paint
only to unveil
the crumbling stone within
Golden key
smooth as glass
thin lacey carvings
lining its head
one twist in the lock
and it’s trapped in the darkness
all freedom stripped away
and replaced with dull silence
Golden sunlight
sparkling on a summer’s day
hot and clear like
boiling water
as it seethes through the air
appears so harmless
until you step under its heavy glow
and feel its burning teeth
sink into your skin
Golden coin
a priceless beauty
glinting like liquid sunlight
in polished splendor
behind the innocent face lies
a small errant of destruction
filling all who see it
with wrathful greed
Golden thread
embroidering silk clothing
only too late does
the buyer realize
it betrays his wealth
to the thieves on the street
leaving him
and penniless

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