Intertwining Lines

May 20, 2008
By Anjana Chakravorty, Commack, NY

Four have only entwined themselves in such matters
Allowing one another to be lead by pure darkness
As secrets arise one by one to the surface
Hope that has once been created is destroyed
Living lives that are too unbeknownst for the other
Pure love ought to deepen into something more
But instead, steady tears flow down soft cheekbones
Some have learned to devour the others pain
But most have just ignored and have moved on
Many have decided to erode away
In order to leave the painful memories behind
Others have sacrificed personal belongings as well as loved ones in the process
All have been through painful memories
In time they have forced one self to forget
These memories had once controlled their lives
With no other alternative left
Their only choice, but to surrender
Allowing themselves to fall in to the shadows of the night
But wait…
One light still shines in the distance
Stories of the past need to be told
The other still yearning for knowledge
This is just one of the secrets
Showing the other the love they have kept for each other
The missing and final piece
To connect mother and daughter as one

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