Our Land

April 14, 2010
I woke up to my mommy’s screaming.
For a second I thought I was dreaming.
My baby brother’s crying,
My daddy’s dying,
My older brother’s gone . . .
I just want to live to the next dawn.

The soldier’s coming, I start to cry.
He picks up his gun,
Points at my younger brother’s head.
My mommy starts screaming and crying.
I run and hide behind my daddy’s tree;
I close my eyes, shield my ears, and count to three.
I open my eyes, My mommy sitting there,
arms wrapped around my younger brother
My daddy’s gun at her feet.

She calls me and says:
“This is our land!”
Then her eyes close and she becomes motionless.
My eyes water and I become emotionless;
I’m alone.
My daddy, mommy, brothers - GONE!
I pick up my daddy’s gun.
This IS our land!

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