You Win

April 7, 2010
By PyRuhe GOLD, Neenah, Wisconsin
PyRuhe GOLD, Neenah, Wisconsin
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"War determins not who is right but who is left"

My fingers bleed from paper cuts
From tracing the once sweet words you wrote.
Tainting the smudged paper a dull red as it stings
through the burning tears I sing
"You win"

I just want to be held
To feel someone tracing the scars on my wrists.
Slowly chewing on broken glass
Holding my tounge as I scream, scream so loud
So loud until I drown you out
"You win"

A sickly grin crosses my face
As through my lips blood escapes.
Tricking down my arm as I hold my hands up
So you can't hold me down anymore.
I would love to settle the score
"You win"

A long time ago I mistook you as an angel
You are a handsome demon hiding in human flesh.
But tonight, I want to play god with you.
I will be the one who rules.
The strike of a knife breaks the still of night
Blood stains your pale skin, you gasp as you bleed.
Seeing you in this pain is just what I need.
Reaching for the blade between your shoulders
The look of shock on your face to perfect for words
This is the knife you left with me as a promise.
You promised you would come back
But you promised never to leave.
I don't know which one I wanted to believe.
You promised everything would be alright.
but this has been a year long fight.
You lied.
I hope you choked on your words when you swore you loved me.
Because tonight I am playing god, there will be no mercy.
Because just for tonight, I want to hear you scream and cry.
"You win"

The author's comments:
abuse, anger

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