concert jungle

April 7, 2010
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Slow dancing in a concert jungle
He holds her tight against his chest.
She hides her fright behind blbue eyes as his voice raises.
He hunts his prey in a busy hallway
Spotting a weakness, he makes his choice
Stalking the female, his next victum
Spying in her window, watching her every move
She is unaware of his observation
Disturbed by the wailing of another, his cover is blown
He has been caught in his tracks, speechless.
He buys her flowers, kisses away angry tears
Telling her just what she wants to hear.
"I love you, I'm sorry, I wont happen again" he recites
The scent of cheap perfume still lingers on his skin.
He doesn't love her and she doesn't trust him.
She is nevermore alone then when at his side.
He iscolates her with hypocracy
She can't so much as flash a smile to another male
While he prances about chasing tail.
It's a tricky and complicated dance
One pair, two bodies pressed up against each other
Her smile is painted on, his eyes are cold
She breaths deep to stop the shaking
He forces himself to stand beside her
Hate, love, fear, lust all burn inside her
It's survival of the fittest in the concert jungle.

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