Poetry Newsletter

April 7, 2010
By , Alexandria, MN
Poetry Newsletter


There once was a laddie whose name was Tammy.

All of Tammy's com-rads liked to make him mad.

Isn't that sad?

Well its not so bad, cause Tammys moving to Miami.

His com-rads are kind of sad.


There once was a lady from France

She never learned how to dance

She went to a party

Where she met Marty

And there he taught her to dance


The open road

The wind in my hair

Life is good


I'm not going to stay

I need to be free

A ray of light is drawing me

I need to be free

Some may disagree

But they can't stop me

Because I guarantee

I'm gonna be free

I'm gonna be free

Who knows, I could go to Tennessee

Where ever I go, you know I'm gonna be free

The road of life's been good to me

Because I was me

They finally agree

Poetry Definition

The art of rhythmical composition of elevated thoughts. Poetry is a form of literary art in which language is used to evoke qualities of its apparent meaning. Any communication that evokes a feeling.


Romanticism came after the “Enlightenment age” which was the age of logic and reason. The Romantic period wanted to break away from logic and reason. The main characteristics of romanticism are the love of nature, emotions, artist/the creator, nationalism, exoticism, and the supernatural. Romanticism really is just how you feel about anything.


To “transcend” something is to rise above it. Transcendentalism focuses on the individual and there spiritual
living, not the organized religions we know today but the spiritual living of being connected to nature, intuition, and individualism. Transcendentalism expresses the individual's spiritual needs and most fundamental truths about life and death this is reached by going above and beyond the persons everyday senses and using deep intuition.

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