April 6, 2010
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Far behind me was my family

Bawling like never before

The faint noise of “come back”

Is a whisper

A murmur a century away

I sprinted across the hazardous street

The sun rose

Heat clogging my pores

Tears glazed my body

I was a broken faucet

Making me an illuminated crystal

With bloodshot eyes

Every step was a shot of agony

Up my chalky feet

My stale legs crunching at the knee creating movement

My bare feet crushing the cement

The yards dashed behind me

I had no destination


That’s all I craved

Beyond this point

I will not glance back

My attention is grasped on the path before me

Forward is the key to a blissful future

Behind me is home

Behind there’s depression awaiting me

In front is choice

In front there’s freedom


My instincts are my only sense of direction from this point

My unreliable instincts that change in a split of a second

The instincts that have me running away from the people who love me the most

The instincts that have made wrong choices before

The instincts that have me wrapped up in this miserable situation

I am isolated with only these instincts to turn to

An then it hit me like a bolt of thunder down my spine

I shouldn’t feel miserable

This is my choice

I kept sprinting

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