standing at the gates alone

April 6, 2010
You may think i dont listen, but really i always do
I just can't seem to find the right words that all of you would choose
I really don't have any problems; if i did id tell you right now
But all i long to have is someone to understand my frown
I kept my distance, just to see how happy you guys look
withought me there beside you is like an open sad book
I never wanted to have this feeling of being so abandoned
so i showed the one i love how quickly i was stranded
He picked me up and loved me like his own
But somewhere deep inside me it felt like you wouldn't know
I knew i couldve told my true friends how i really felt
Now look at the pain that i have always dealt
When i go to heaven will they all be by my side?
Or do i just stare at the empty gates while i find myself and cry?

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