Forget Not, a Memory

March 26, 2010
By Ktran BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Ktran BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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I - Remember When
Remember when, life first awake
From its long sleep, in the desert white
That was then, still green, still fresh
In the lingering breath of winter day
Upon the haze of that memory
Still there, an innocent youth
Remember then, us two close bond
Hand in hand in dances of joy
Wishing how, the day wouldn’t end
For we knew not, the world beyond

II - Heat of Midsun
When day grew long, season in change
She opened her sky, a horizon so bright
With million lights, a glittering view
When life had grown, in fullest form
Mesmerize in flourish green
It is when heart, quickly beaten
With love that's yet divine
For us two, the memory’s still fresh
Still warm in the heat of midsun
Still clear in the cloudless sky
When knowledge, come to discovered
To realize the divine, the blinds conscience
When heart over mind, regret easily come

III - Autumn Rain
Rain drop, stirs the loneliness unknown,
Gathering clouds, at best
Has covered the last ray of light
For day and night lay undecided
Within the rain, the wind and all
An image stir awake
Within the whispering wind
A breeze that's yet unnoticed
Within the misery play
Is a love, the two doves
Once side by side, now only one,
Left to take the sky, the night in solitude
Imitating our love lay divided
With a goodbye to be said
For one in search of a better light
A home of riches and wealth

IV - Winter land
Even with the peak of light
A frozen life stays unchanged
No comfort to the weary night
When the essence I once knew
Seemed to grow out of existence
With empty night, the cold crept deep within,
To feel, only the breath of winter, when life came to deep sleep

With weary light, a batter soul
I went to search of your lost words
Promise of returns that keep me await
So I to go the distance long, to reach afar
Where signs are pointed
Only to capture, a sight of disbelief
Where you, in finest robe, with lover
Whose hand you accompany, and a kiss to seal it off
Had you so assured that in faith you’d remain
Only had I to discover that all was honey words
For you hold no sincere, of words so empty of its worth
Such pain of your betray, goodbye I can only say
For Love, you’ll be the first and last,
Who stole my heart to toy.

Who’d have guessed, the flow of influences
Had drawn you deep, in devilish realm
To do this deed that burns inside out
To bring the trail of sorrow, dry on my reflection
A death to a past, still sweet in the scents
Fresh to the tough as of yesterday
And I, who’s frail and worn, couldn’t last forever long
When life I had given for your return
To light my weak hearth, from somber night
Had forgotten the worn path,
The home on the sideway, to find a new light
A nest of comfort hold, to leave mine
In fallen destruct by storm ragging pass
I, but without the reasons, cut free the string attach
An end to ill love, To memory of bitter sweet

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from time of creativity..

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