Too Late

March 26, 2010
By JohannaSeitenbach SILVER, Ardsley, New York
JohannaSeitenbach SILVER, Ardsley, New York
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After every ending is a beginning, the bell of a new day has just started ringing, the glass is half full and the stars are aligned....You're gonna be just fine ♥

I wanna be a superhero
So I can save the day
I wanna be a model
Strutting down the runway

I wanna be a doctor, a lawyer and a cop
I wanna be a chef
Who cooks food non-stop

I wanna be an astronaut
So I can visit outerspace
I wanna be a detective
So I can solve every case

I wanna be a princess, a rabbi and a teacher
I wanna stand for a congregation and be a world-wide preacher

I wanna be a pirate who sails across the seas
But I need to wake up and face reality
And stop living in a fantasy
Because none of these things hold my destiny

The list above is far too abstract
Here’s a list of things that turn fiction into fact

I need to make a difference, prove that my voice can be heard
I need to make people listen through each and every word
So much devastation happens, that I need stop the cause
I need to mend the broken hearts and fix the constant flaws

From the wars and destruction to poverty and cancer
Sitting on your butts certainly won’t help to find the answer
So do something important don’t just leave it up to fate
Because if no one does anything It’ll be too late

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