Silent Killer

March 26, 2010
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She looks up to the sky and wonders why me?
While silently hoping that nobody sees
The bruises left from the night before
The image in her mind of being thrown to the floor

She can't fathom why he would hurt her so bad
What could she possibly have done to make him so mad?

She kneels down to pray and then starts to ponder,
What good will this do? Her mind starts to wander...
He wasn't there for her all the times she was beat,
But she finally sees on the day that they meet.

No one else is around to hear her make a sound
When he pulls her by her hair and throws her to the ground
Nobody was there to save her from this pain,
Until she looks up and hears Him call her name.

All of the years of pain were finally erased,
As the beautiful young girl entered His gates.

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