Sound of Silence

May 20, 2008
It was hard
It was really hard
I never knew how hard it was
Spending all my time being angry was more draining than I could ever imagine
Not talking was worse
There was like a little puddle of tenseness between us and neither she nor I had the courage to cross it
It was strange yet funny, how 2 girls could buttheads more than bulls did
We were both arrogant and stubborn and neither of us was about to give in
So we carried on our silent treatment hoping the words that were left unsaid could be clearly seen in our eyes as we threw looks back and forth like daggers
Then something, I could never explain what, happened
I spoke
It echoed in the wells of silence
Thinking back on it I can’t remember what was said exactly because we’ve had so many fights before
I just remember that it had been me not her that had been more mature even though she was inclined to do so since she was my elder and knew better than to hold a grudge
But it had been me who pushed past all the pride and spoke
I did something that for once my older cousin hadn’t beaten me to
It was me, just me, who had broken the silence

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