The Versatile Artist

May 19, 2008
By Michaela Kizershot, Edina, MN

The Versatile Artist

An artist touches the world
They mold their talents into creations
A brush in hand becomes a mind of its own
Music resonates through the creator’s soul
Both stories of heavyheartedness and celebrations

An artist can unlock emotion
A song becomes anger or euphoria
The now; caught by a photograph
A sculpture capturing its creator’s vision
Passion sings sweetly on a set of strings

An artist is and has inspiration
Their peers strive to understand
The producer needs a spark to light their fire
Their mind is open to all things possible and impossible
Thought becomes material with a skilled hand

An artist is an individual
An individual who can add or subtract to the world around them
Art can be both harmful and helpful
It can serve as fun or a way to learn something
You get back as much as you put in to understand it

Artists are a group
They work together, sharing ideas
Again, the art can either benefit or not
Orchestras, bands, building construction… they all require artists
To be a part of the artists is to be part of creating

An artist is a stereotype
Art is open to all who want to create
Art is expression, does not everyone express?
Who is to label one as an artist or not?
Could all 6.6 billion people on this Earth be an artist?

A true artist has something to give or say
A poet leaves you thinking
A musician leaves you singing
An actor leaves you crying
What else can you think of receiving from art? All experiences are different for different individuals

An artist is thoughtful
Should I use cobalt blue or royal?
They work to make you use your mind
On the other hand, there are times when inactive responsiveness is acceptable
They are what they think

An artist is the spectrum
Red, anger, something has hurt or offended them
Yellow, happiness, something is worth smiling about
Lavender, calm, a time of peace with few worries
Emotions are sketched with the mark of a pencil

An artist touches the world
There are many ways in which they can do this
Reasons why they do this are innumerable
The audience is a combination of those unconnected or those considered peers
What do you do to either appreciate art or create it?

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