Let It Go

March 30, 2010
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So afraid to let go.
Hold me very tight.
Is something wrong with my heart?
Why am I so cold?
Is this because of me,
That you’re filled with hate?

What is hate?
Can’t you let it go?
You are always blaming me
On a subject very tight.
And now I’m in the cold
And you took my heart.

My heart! My heart!
It’s filling with hate.
But my heart, so warm, is cold.
I want this pain to go.
My chest is getting tight.
What is wrong with me?

Don’t tell me “I’m not me.”
My heart is my heart.
It squeezes so tight,
Swollen with hate.
It feels like I’m about to go,
My lips are becoming stone cold.

Tight feelings return to me.
Hate fills the heart, so cold.
I prayed and let it go.

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