Three Bright lights

March 29, 2010
By eevviiee BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
eevviiee BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Three bright lights.

They are the only ones who shine for me. I am the only one who thank them. Three bright lights, each on a tall, sturdy pole. Three which without, darkness would cloud my eyes. Three bright lights that scare away the darkness. From my room I see them, but everyone else doesn’t akgnowlage their presence.

Their magic is secret. They shine as far as they can. In the morning they fade away, and return once darkness falls. The darkness attempts to swallow the light, but is unable too. The darkness even tries to surround the light, trying to chase it away, but it cannot. This is why they shine.

They don’t forget their reason for being. They stay in their place, not making a sound, each lighting up one small spot of the street in front of my house. Shine, shine, shine I say. They do.

When it’s dark outside, and I look out my window, they are still there. Keeping me company on the darkest of nights, they shine through my window, letting me know they are still there. They never leave their spot, standing through the storms, the rain and even through the cold and snowy days. Three who shine and do not forget to shine. Three whose only reason is to be and be.

The author's comments:
It represents my childhood in the city

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