It's Just What He Does

March 28, 2010
That first long look at the boy that I'm crushin'
got my heart racin' and set my blood to rushin'.
But it's not embarrasment that sends the pink to my cheeks,
it's the mysterious happiness that that blonde boy brings.
It's the way he makes me happy when he just stands there,
and the way I wanna run my fingers through his sandy hair.
It's the way he walks in the hallway with that effortless cool,
and the way he gets me excited in the morning to go to school.
It's the way he all confused when Mrs. Krieger says he's wrong,
and they way he stared at me when he caught me singing that song.
When he grinned at me, well, that's when my heart learned "the jerk,"
and I smile to myself when he mumbles while he works.
And I guess I can't really blame him for all this because,
well, because I like it... and it's just what he does.

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