As quickly

May 19, 2008
By Victoria Yee, Westminster, CA

It left as quickly as it came:

The air got hazy, a little curious,
(a puppy woken from slumber)
With the scent of navel orange blossoms,
And roses in a sophisticated spring.
(refreshing like succulent rubies on a humid day)

You couldn’t see it,
(but it was gorgeous)
An ethereal sprite of refinement,
It took your breath away.
(glass diamonds on grass in the morning)

You couldn’t touch it,
(but you say it was welcoming)
A graceful stroking of fingers,
Grazing through your hair and cheeks.
(goldsmith leaving its wares wherever it contacts)

You couldn’t taste it,
(but it was sweet to the tongue)
A soporific addiction,
Beckoning you to follow without question.
(Romantic Hades to Persephone)

You couldn’t hear it,
(but silence is a sound)
A symphonic cacophony,
Of the most taciturn musicians.
(whispers in a language undocumented)

Tried to catch it you did,
(without hesitation, without regard)
A want that must be satisfied,
Propelling the body away.
(to danger or glory unknown)

But It left as quickly as It came:

You’ll dream.
(dream away, an arrow shot to the stars)
You’ll dream.
(you’ll never see it return again)
But you won’t see, may never see.

What is in front of you.

(where did it land, do you ever wonder?)

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