May 16, 2008
By tara fisher, Lonedell, MO

I open my white-painted window,
And sigh a sigh of relief,
Opening my arms, full of smiles, as I am greeted
By the kiss of the giant morning star,
And embraced by the romantic breeze, that carries
With it the slight fragrance of spring.

I shiver pleasurably.

Along with it, a melodious sound
Resonates within me,
Pulsing warmth through every inch of my body.
It whispers gently, pleasantly, “Good morning.”
Like the ringing of bells,
The sweet melody of the grand piano

I watch as a white feather lands
On my windowsill. I pick it up and caress it,
Silky soft, only to be tickled
In return. A glorious sensation
That leaves me breathless.

I close my white-painted window,
And head towards the door, ready for the
New day. In twenty-four hours, it
Will happen again…
And again…
And again…
Until time stands still.

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