Forever and Never

May 16, 2008
By tara fisher, Lonedell, MO

You taught my heart to sing and to fly
You taught me time is precious as seconds pass by
You opened his arms for me in a sweet embrace
And left memories in my heart that will never erase

I remember the taste of your desirable lips
How you sent chills through my body with just one kiss
The gentle caresses of your skin on mine
The letters that you wrote for me, line by line

you were the one who I had given my heart
The one who held it and gradually tore it apart
While I smiled and pretended everything was okay
As my world came crashing down that agonizing day

Were you just a dream that I had created?
A perfect person who made my life complicated?
Someone who made me smile, laugh, angry, and cry?
Someone who could look me straight in the face and tell a perfect lie?

Sometimes I wonder if anything you said was true
Like when you would affectionately whisper in my ear, “I love you”
Did the time we share together even mean a thing?
Or was it useless too, like my promise ring?

Was I just a toy that kept you somewhat amused?
Was I just another heart for you to abuse?
What was I to you in your life during those days?
Was I just another fool in the games that you play?

It’s no use to try to believe you were only a fantasy
I will accept the fact that you were my reality
Someone who came into my life for a reason
Someone who went out of my life in a season

And as I think this year over it brings tears to my eyes
All the tears that I held back because of my pride
But I’ll let them rain and I’ll let them pour
Until I can no longer cry anymore

Because now it is finally time to let you go
And even though the process may be long and slow
I mustn’t look back on what wasn’t meant to be
All that matters now is how much happier I am meant to be

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