May 16, 2008
By Jocelyn Isais, Highland Village, TX

My tongue yerns for their tangy, fruity kiss,
Hearing them rattle within their commendable red wrapper,
my tastebuds can't resist!
Delectable, sugary bliss is their only true decription,
For that dreary day, or when i'm in need of a sweet tooth, thay are my one sugar coated prescription.
Each flavor, a symphony, or a captivating scene.
Rainbow, radiant colors protruding; red, orange, yellow, purple, and green!
Original, wild berry, tropical, ice cream,
Carnival, sour, smoothie, all flavors lull me into a luxurious sugar dream.
But some flavors makes one wonder, raises an eyebrow or two,
Like choclate? liquorice? mint? or a bubble gum you can chew?
Each bite, i savor, for the taste fabricates a smile.
Taking my time for each drop of sunshine,
Hopeing they will last quite a while.
For nothing in this endless world is worst than to hear,
The dreded sound of the empty wrapper,
That moment, i always fear!

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